Sooo…. Bad About Posting – New Copper Pendent

Posting a picture and link the latest creation I added to my Etsy Shop.  This is a piece is 6 gauge copper wire fuse welded together and hammered flat with the pein end of my cross pein hammer.  I added the leather necklace and hand made clasp to enhance the rustic handmade look and feel.


A Link to the item in my Etsy shop.    

know I need to do this more often, but ….. then I don’t.  It is so easy to post to Instagram and you get instant feedback.  Posting to a blog almost seems outdated.  In any case, I need to post more to this blog.

Blending Colors

This painting is a study of how Art Rage handles blending colors. Why do this? Because blending is an essential part of painting.  And every digital art software handles blending differently.  Most don’t blend at all.  Even using the blending brushes falls way short of the real thing.

By the real thing I mean traditional media.  Oil, pastel, and water color being the major players in traditional media.  There are others and for the most part blending color is a major skill to master with all traditional media. When I started oil painting I must have done 50 little paintings like this. It taught me a lot about what to expect when I mixed colors together.

For reference my oil palette is just cad red, cad yellow, ultramarine blue, white, and burnt seinia.  I can make any color I need this this palette.  You can not do that with digital paint. That is the most disappointing and difficult thing to get used to.

As you can see Art Rage does a good job of blending.  I think Art Rage is the best on the market for blending. But the results sometimes are surprising.  So it pays to practice.

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I guess you could say I’m stumped.  I have been leveling off the top and bottom of my future anvil stump by hand.  I tried to do this the way it may have been done one-hundred and fifty years ago. But I gave up and pulled out my router. 

I decided to mill the top down usng my router. I created a sled for the router and screwed 2×4″ boards to the stump.  The 2x4s were leveled so the top would be parallel to the floor when finished.   So far so good.  Now all’s I need is an anvil. 

Even though I don’t have a big anvil,I do have a little railroad rail I made into an anvil.  I will have to use that for now. Also I can still use the stump for forming  metal by carving forms into the stump or making wooden forms that I can use on the stump.

The raw stump. Oak. Not the best for this,but oak is all over in my area.

Hand saw both ends. Ouch, my arm hurt

Milling process, router sled

Finished milling both top and bottom.

Either way I am excited to have a surface to hammer on that will not move or flex. 

Sharing Wonderful Work

In social media I try to follow artists and makers of creations I like.  This is one of the artists I follow.  His work is beautiful and his commitment to his art is monumental.  In my opinion.

I do not follow people for inspiration because that should come from within me. I follow them because I love beautiful and interesting creations.  I find that the people that create or make these things are also interesting.   Thank you all for your commitment to your craft.


Last night was about bridges. I don´t have any practice with painting bridges but they have always been fascinating for me. I think the Brooklyn Bridge over the Hudson is the prototype of all bridges. And it is a challenge to paint, to create a feeling of the dimension without filling the sheet with a […]

via Bridges – Brücken — brushpark-watercolors

Digital Art – The Blacksmith’s Forge

Just finished this digital painting in Art Rage.  Sometimes it is good to just play.  That is what I was doing here.  I knew going into this painting that I was going to use purple and orange, but that was it.

So I started. Diagonal lines are always interesting and can create movement, so let’s start there.  I laid down larges areas of deep purple and bright orange and just started mixing.

Soon a feeling of heat started to develop and I just went with it.  It started to look like glowing coal embers, and then flames.  So I worked with that for a while, pushing paint around until I was happy.  All the may sound like an accident or a spontaneous creation, but it is not.  I did say I was just playing around didn’t I?  The blacksmith's Forge by artist mark haglundBut I knew that purple and orange will react this way in digital media. It was a plan after all, although not much of one.

The reason I bring this up, is because there is this notion about abstract art. That it is created purely spontaneous.  I do not agree. I have read many articles where artists claim that they have no idea or plan going into their paintings of what is going to happen. It just happens.  That idea adds to the mystery of the artist and the paintings. But it is not true.

It may be the artist truly thinks this themselves. That their paintings just appear. Well I do not agree.  And here is why. If paintings truly did just appear from nowhere, then anyone could do it that had “Special Powers of The Artist” no training needed.  I know I do not have those powers.

In fact there are years and countless hours of training in the fundamentals principles of art that allow the artist to be spontaneous.  Just as with any other art or profession, one has to know the basic rules that govern creating great work in order to bend them. When musicians jam or improvise is a great example of knowing the basics so well that they can go anywhere they can imagine as long as it is grounded in the basic fundamentals of their art.

So I have been creating art for 20+ years with many years of study and using the fundamentals of art daily.  I have been creating digital art for 5 years now.  And every digital painting software I have used reacts the same way when I mix orange and purple together. However it did take me several years to notice this and be able to us it to my advantage.

So I do not believe any art is created spontaneously.  It can not be, because the training and hours of painting can only produce what the artist knows.  It is the artist that creates what seams to be spontaneous pieces of art because it just flows out in a fury of expression.

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Digital Art Angel #744 

I have not taken the time to post many of my angels. Not sure why.  Probably because I create one every day, so this blog would be over run with angels.  Not that that would be a bad thing, but I really want this site to be about all the art and things I create. I guess I need to post more of the other things I do so things will look balanced.

Etsy listing available in my shop

Finely posting some pendents I have been making.  I do not like taking pictures of my art. Love to make it ,but hate to photograph it. There will be more coming soon as i took another 80 pics today.  Check out this item in my Etsy shop

Adobe Cloud- Addtional Storage

I am always looking for ways to simplify my life.  The one goal for the year is to simplify or minimize all areas of my life.  That includes some personal things like clothing and some digital things like file storage.

Today I wanted to see if I could purchase more storage on Adobe Cloud.

I am a member and subscribe to the Photography package which includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and 2 GB of storage.  To most people 2 GB is a lot, right? Let me give you my back-story.  Why am I posting this?  Just in case you are wondering the same thing.


File storage is a big deal for me as I have high-resolution digital images of my oil paintings and plenty of digital art and photos.  My images total over 127 GB and climbing.

So to keep all of this stuff safe is a big concern to me.  The storage I do have is in-house such as a 1 T hard drive on my laptop, a NAS storage device with mirrored 1 T drives.  I also use several free on-line storage places like Google Drive, Microsoft’s One Drive and Drop Box.  This is a mess as far as I am concerned. So I want to simplify my file storage

Back to the Story:

So today I wanted to see if I could purchase more storage on Adobe cloud.  After searching the web and Adobe forums on the subject, I found that Adobe is rather limited on the storage they allow their users to have and they do not sell additional storage.  What? Do not sell storage?

There are plenty of comments on the forums about this subject and Adobe appears to be very steadfast in their position of not selling storage. I did not contact them because there is plenty of answers on the forms.

So I went to Adobe’s FAQ’s and this is what I found.  They tell you how to delete files but not how to purchase more storage.  So I stopped looking for answers because this tells the whole story.  The story that Adobe will not come out and say. That they do not want to be in the storage business.

adobe-storage I realized that the storage they do offer is for temporary storage.  A place to keep project files. Files that one can work on with a team or access from any connected device.

For example.  Say I have 30 images I need to crop and get ready for posting to my Etsy shop.  I can place them in Adobe Cloud and work on from my phone.  When I am done I can move the files to a permanent storage place.  This makes perfect sense to me.  Why Adobe does not just come right out and state this somewhere in the pages of documentation I looked at is beyond my imagination.

So I tried out my workflow theory and it worked o.k.  Not great, but OK.  The image is too small on the phone. I think if I had a tablet it would be better.  Even better yet, a Windows 10 tablet. Hey maybe I just justified purchasing a Windows tablet.  Humm, I will have to think about that.

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Ready to Ship – Two Rings to Go

Two Rings ready to ship to their new owners. I love creating items people want. It makes me feel good. I feel good because I get to add a bit of beauty and fun to my customer’s day.

I feel that I become part of their lives,  and they a part of mine.  I think that is why I have always loved to create or make stuff.  Because I feel this exchange of energy when people receive the product that I made.

Even when I was a sales engineer for a manufacturing company, I felt a sense of responsibility  for the product my customer received and pride in the fact that I represented the group of people who created  it.

What ever you want to call it creation, making, building it all boils down to energy.  And I believe energy good or bad can be sensed by the end-user.  They either have a good experience and a bad one.

I strive to create great experiences for my customers.

Thanks for reading.  Comment if you like. Return often.