The One Thing I Know

The one thing I know is that I will be creating an Angel every day. Well, I try too create one every day. Sometimes I run out of time or I just don’t feel like it.

I have created over seven hundred Angel drawings or paintings over the past two years. This is Angel #695. I created this one in PhotoshopCC .

It is a real challenge creating anything every day , let alone the same theme over and over. This project has taught me that there are many ways to look at a subject and at life.

The project started three or four years ago when God asked me to create an Angel a day. How does this happen? Morning Pages,heard of them? If not, find out more here at Julia Cameron. The book she co-authored years ago was titled The Artist Way.

Anyway as I write sometimes I get into conversations with God.  During a particular conversation He told me to create an Angel a day.  I struggled with this for 2-3 years trying many forms of media.  I could never get one Angel done in a day.  Then digital art entered my life and an angel a day was possible.  As it is it can take several hours to complete a painting.

So when I wake in the morning I know that today I will or should create an Angel. There is comfort in having a goal each day. And I couldn’t ask for a better employer.


Many of my Angels are posted here for viewing

Or in my Etsy Shop at Angel Art by Mark On Etsy



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