I guess you could say I’m stumped.  I have been leveling off the top and bottom of my future anvil stump by hand.  I tried to do this the way it may have been done one-hundred and fifty years ago. But I gave up and pulled out my router. 

I decided to mill the top down usng my router. I created a sled for the router and screwed 2×4″ boards to the stump.  The 2x4s were leveled so the top would be parallel to the floor when finished.   So far so good.  Now all’s I need is an anvil. 

Even though I don’t have a big anvil,I do have a little railroad rail I made into an anvil.  I will have to use that for now. Also I can still use the stump for forming  metal by carving forms into the stump or making wooden forms that I can use on the stump.

The raw stump. Oak. Not the best for this,but oak is all over in my area.

Hand saw both ends. Ouch, my arm hurt

Milling process, router sled

Finished milling both top and bottom.

Either way I am excited to have a surface to hammer on that will not move or flex.