I guess you could say I’m stumped.  I have been leveling off the top and bottom of my future anvil stump by hand.  I tried to do this the way it may have been done one-hundred and fifty years ago. But I gave up and pulled out my router. 

I decided to mill the top down usng my router. I created a sled for the router and screwed 2×4″ boards to the stump.  The 2x4s were leveled so the top would be parallel to the floor when finished.   So far so good.  Now all’s I need is an anvil. 

Even though I don’t have a big anvil,I do have a little railroad rail I made into an anvil.  I will have to use that for now. Also I can still use the stump for forming  metal by carving forms into the stump or making wooden forms that I can use on the stump.

The raw stump. Oak. Not the best for this,but oak is all over in my area.

Hand saw both ends. Ouch, my arm hurt

Milling process, router sled

Finished milling both top and bottom.

Either way I am excited to have a surface to hammer on that will not move or flex. 

Adobe Cloud- Addtional Storage

I am always looking for ways to simplify my life.  The one goal for the year is to simplify or minimize all areas of my life.  That includes some personal things like clothing and some digital things like file storage.

Today I wanted to see if I could purchase more storage on Adobe Cloud.

I am a member and subscribe to the Photography package which includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and 2 GB of storage.  To most people 2 GB is a lot, right? Let me give you my back-story.  Why am I posting this?  Just in case you are wondering the same thing.


File storage is a big deal for me as I have high-resolution digital images of my oil paintings and plenty of digital art and photos.  My images total over 127 GB and climbing.

So to keep all of this stuff safe is a big concern to me.  The storage I do have is in-house such as a 1 T hard drive on my laptop, a NAS storage device with mirrored 1 T drives.  I also use several free on-line storage places like Google Drive, Microsoft’s One Drive and Drop Box.  This is a mess as far as I am concerned. So I want to simplify my file storage

Back to the Story:

So today I wanted to see if I could purchase more storage on Adobe cloud.  After searching the web and Adobe forums on the subject, I found that Adobe is rather limited on the storage they allow their users to have and they do not sell additional storage.  What? Do not sell storage?

There are plenty of comments on the forums about this subject and Adobe appears to be very steadfast in their position of not selling storage. I did not contact them because there is plenty of answers on the forms.

So I went to Adobe’s FAQ’s and this is what I found.  They tell you how to delete files but not how to purchase more storage.  So I stopped looking for answers because this tells the whole story.  The story that Adobe will not come out and say. That they do not want to be in the storage business.

adobe-storage I realized that the storage they do offer is for temporary storage.  A place to keep project files. Files that one can work on with a team or access from any connected device.

For example.  Say I have 30 images I need to crop and get ready for posting to my Etsy shop.  I can place them in Adobe Cloud and work on from my phone.  When I am done I can move the files to a permanent storage place.  This makes perfect sense to me.  Why Adobe does not just come right out and state this somewhere in the pages of documentation I looked at is beyond my imagination.

So I tried out my workflow theory and it worked o.k.  Not great, but OK.  The image is too small on the phone. I think if I had a tablet it would be better.  Even better yet, a Windows 10 tablet. Hey maybe I just justified purchasing a Windows tablet.  Humm, I will have to think about that.

Thank you for reading.








Building your own bench top dust collector 

Having a clean work environment is important for me.  I could go on about safety and health, but let’s face it, some people work better in a mess.  As owner operator’s we can choose what level of safety we feel comfortable with.

I like clean air,well as clean as possible.  I also want to keep my costs down.  I could just buy a complete collection system, I almost did.  Or I can make one.  My background is in manufacturing in the metal industry so I have an understanding or dust collection systems although it be on a larger scale.  As a manufacturing engineer I sourced and installed various collections system.  I will include a list of reliable vendors and dust collection systems at the end of this article.

Why did I decide to build my own?  Because I like to use what I have before I go out and buy something new.  For starters, I have two bench top grinders and a shop vac.  The basics of the system.

I started by purchasing the needed polishing supplies from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. Then I researched what was available on the market and did a quick cost analysis. There should be a large cost saving to make the DYI route viable. There is so I will build my own.

Step one is to develop a design based on what is commonly used.  Here is one of my sketches 20161106_121847that I used to generate ideas.

Then I laid out the pieces on cardboard and cut them out.  I used 2″ wide masking tape to assemble them.  There were 6 pieces total.

If this design works I can cut apart the pieces and use them as patterns for the wood version. There would be adjustments need in the dimensions as the final material will be much thicker then the cardboard.

Here are some pictures of Prototype I.

I have used this version for several weeks now and I am just waiting for the time to move on to version 2.  I know I need some sort of manifold across the back and vents by each wheel.  I will publish a new post on the progress as soon as I can.

Until then here are some links to give you some food for your imagination or information on build your own bench top dust collector.

Rio Grande Jewelry Supply

Foredom Electric Co. Dust Collection

Dust Collector Jewelry Polisher With 1/2 Horsepower Double Spindle Motor