Opal and Copper

I love the combination of copper and opal. The two play off each other just beautifully. This ring is made of copper and synthetic opal. I just added this to my Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/listing/574071576/opal-and-copper-ring-forged-and-hammered

The Shiny Hammer

When it comes to hammers I am usually very rough on them. But in the case of my jewelry hammers, especially the ones I use for texturing, I make sure the face is highly polished. I may even stop and buff the face of the hammer during the process of texturing a piece of jewelry if the face gets marred. Oh and by the way the sock in the background is but I put the hammer in to keep it from getting tarnished.

Picture of jewelry hammer artist mark haglund
Look at that shiny face.

I work out of my garage so my tools are exposed to the changes in humidity and temperature. Rusty hammers and tools kinda add to the rustic look of my jewelry, but I do like a shiny finish.  Oh ya, I almost forgot, the ring I finished today. That looks nice too. Ready to ship to one of my Etsy customers.

Sooo…. Bad About Posting – New Copper Pendent

Posting a picture and link the latest creation I added to my Etsy Shop.  This is a piece is 6 gauge copper wire fuse welded together and hammered flat with the pein end of my cross pein hammer.  I added the leather necklace and hand made clasp to enhance the rustic handmade look and feel.


A Link to the item in my Etsy shop.    

know I need to do this more often, but ….. then I don’t.  It is so easy to post to Instagram and you get instant feedback.  Posting to a blog almost seems outdated.  In any case, I need to post more to this blog.

Christmas Present Copper Ring and My Thoughs

Whenever I sell something I am deeply touched and thankful to both God and my customer.

Every time I start the creation process I am reminded of how God has blessed me with the talent and the desire to make stuff.  And when I receive an order I am touched that someone has picked my creation over all the other talented makers out there.

The Ring pictured below is a Christmas present.  A son and mother were online shopping for a ring he wanted for Christmas and they picked one of mine.  I am so blessed to be able to make such a positive impact on people’s lives.

This ring becomes a bond between a mother and her son that will last a life time.  I am so blessed to be part of that.  img_20161214_091324

Merry Christmas.


Star of David

Working on a Star of David. This has been a challenge to intertwine the two triangles.  The sides of the triangles are within .010″ of each other…so far. I hope to have it a little tighter when finished. I still need to solder and hammer a texture on the piece.

Making Jewelry From Brass- A New Brass Ring

I just started making jewelry from brass. The brass I use is 230 alloy brass.  It is sometimes referred  to as jewelers brass.  The type of brass has a close appearance to gold, …. for a few weeks, then is starts to tarnish.  Gold does not tarnish.

I still like the finished product.  The color is excellent. I think, both copper and brass lend themselves to rustic looking jewelry.  This piece has a hand hammered wood grain texture.  The inside is polished for a smooth fit and feel. It has a nice rustic look and a sophisticated feel.

So why not use gold?  Well there are several factors involved in using gold.  The first is cost. At roughly $1,250 an ounce for gold, and jewelers brass at $.90 an ounce, one can see there is a BIG difference in price.  Scrap is the other big factor. One needs to be set up to handle precious metals.  I am not…yet.

So for now copper and brass will be my metals of choice. They are easy to work with and both finish well.  Besides, I think both metals work better for rustic looking jewelry.  For some reason gold and rustic just do not seem to fit together.

Thanks for reading.