Ready to Ship – Two Rings to Go

Two Rings ready to ship to their new owners. I love creating items people want. It makes me feel good. I feel good because I get to add a bit of beauty and fun to my customer’s day.

I feel that I become part of their lives,  and they a part of mine.  I think that is why I have always loved to create or make stuff.  Because I feel this exchange of energy when people receive the product that I made.

Even when I was a sales engineer for a manufacturing company, I felt a sense of responsibility  for the product my customer received and pride in the fact that I represented the group of people who created  it.

What ever you want to call it creation, making, building it all boils down to energy.  And I believe energy good or bad can be sensed by the end-user.  They either have a good experience and a bad one.

I strive to create great experiences for my customers.

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Christmas Present Copper Ring and My Thoughs

Whenever I sell something I am deeply touched and thankful to both God and my customer.

Every time I start the creation process I am reminded of how God has blessed me with the talent and the desire to make stuff.  And when I receive an order I am touched that someone has picked my creation over all the other talented makers out there.

The Ring pictured below is a Christmas present.  A son and mother were online shopping for a ring he wanted for Christmas and they picked one of mine.  I am so blessed to be able to make such a positive impact on people’s lives.

This ring becomes a bond between a mother and her son that will last a life time.  I am so blessed to be part of that.  img_20161214_091324

Merry Christmas.


Building your own bench top dust collector 

Having a clean work environment is important for me.  I could go on about safety and health, but let’s face it, some people work better in a mess.  As owner operator’s we can choose what level of safety we feel comfortable with.

I like clean air,well as clean as possible.  I also want to keep my costs down.  I could just buy a complete collection system, I almost did.  Or I can make one.  My background is in manufacturing in the metal industry so I have an understanding or dust collection systems although it be on a larger scale.  As a manufacturing engineer I sourced and installed various collections system.  I will include a list of reliable vendors and dust collection systems at the end of this article.

Why did I decide to build my own?  Because I like to use what I have before I go out and buy something new.  For starters, I have two bench top grinders and a shop vac.  The basics of the system.

I started by purchasing the needed polishing supplies from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. Then I researched what was available on the market and did a quick cost analysis. There should be a large cost saving to make the DYI route viable. There is so I will build my own.

Step one is to develop a design based on what is commonly used.  Here is one of my sketches 20161106_121847that I used to generate ideas.

Then I laid out the pieces on cardboard and cut them out.  I used 2″ wide masking tape to assemble them.  There were 6 pieces total.

If this design works I can cut apart the pieces and use them as patterns for the wood version. There would be adjustments need in the dimensions as the final material will be much thicker then the cardboard.

Here are some pictures of Prototype I.

I have used this version for several weeks now and I am just waiting for the time to move on to version 2.  I know I need some sort of manifold across the back and vents by each wheel.  I will publish a new post on the progress as soon as I can.

Until then here are some links to give you some food for your imagination or information on build your own bench top dust collector.

Rio Grande Jewelry Supply

Foredom Electric Co. Dust Collection

Dust Collector Jewelry Polisher With 1/2 Horsepower Double Spindle Motor